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jk: I don't need a 💍.
Just a big 💎.

Uses: Ring, Gem

jk: 💒 or 💔.
You choose.

Uses: Wedding, Heartbreak

Let's have a 💕

Uses: Hearts Together

jk: 🌹s are red.
But when it comes
to you
my heart is blue.

Uses: Rose

Will you be my Valentine? 😍

Uses: Love is in the eyes

from 👫 to 💑,
forever 💕

Uses: Holding Hands (Man & Women), Loving Couple, Hearts Together

i can't stop 💭
about our first 💏

Uses: Kissing Couple

i miss you.
i really just
wanna 💏 you

Uses: Kissing Couple

jk: 🏩? or no?

Uses: Love Hotel

will you take me
as your 👰?

Uses: Bride

jk: our love might 💔,
but a 💎 is forever

Uses: Heartbreak, Gem

i ❤ you❣

Uses: Classic Heart, Heart Exclamation Point

i ღ you

Uses: Heart Sketch