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Alt Codes (Heart Emoji Alt Code)

In most cases, the easiest way to use heart emojis / symbols is to copy and paste them. Using an alt code is another alternative for typing the basic heart emoji on Windows. For alt codes to work, you must:

  1. Be using a PC with the Windows operating system (alt codes don't work on Macs)
  2. Be using a keyboard with a number pad

Alt codes are not offered for all the heart and love emojis we present on this website. Only the basic heart symbol (❤) has a corresponding alt code.

The alt code for the heart emoji is Alt 3. To type this on your keyboard, hold down the alt key, and press 3 on your number pad. When you release the Alt key, the heart emoji should appear! Make sure you press the 3 located on your number pad and make sure that num lock is on. The number pad is the set of numbers that is often to the right of the standard keyboard buttons. Some laptops allow you to access the number pad, by using the function button (in this case, the function button and alt button would have to be held down).