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About us & our lovely heart symbols

HeartSymbol.love was launched on February 8th, 2016, roughly a week before Valentine's Day. The idea is to bring together a collection of symbols and emojis that evoke love - hearts, kissing emojis, flowers, etc.

The amazing things about these symbols is that you can use them almost anywhere. The ♡ is no different than the letter a. These symbols are all part of a character set known as Unicode. Not all systems support all the characters in Unicode, but support is growing.

We present each symbol on a clean white slate in a very large font size, so that you can clearly see what it looks like. Text on this site is set in Source Sans Pro designed by Adobe and embeeded via Adobe TypeKit.

As with all VeryTextual.com websites, we've put in our best, and we hope you like it❣ Have a wonderful day. And remember to spread the love, with heart emojis. Heart. Heart. ❤